Keynote Photonics recognized as DLP® Design House (Demo)


Keynote Photonics is now fully recognized by Texas Instruments as an official DLP Design House.  The DLP Design Houses are a select group of independent, well-established companies that offer DLP system-level design services and DLP based products.

Representing a new generation of DLP Design House, the Keynote Photonics staff actually has over 150 years combined DLP technology experience. This level of DLP knowledge makes Keynote Photonics rare in the DLP embedded applications market. The team holds 20 DLP related patents.  Keynote Photonics is expert in DLP system firmware, DLP development systems, DLP projection systems and custom DLP FPGA and formatter designs and works with manufactures to support your production plan.

In addition to offering DLP solutions, Keynote Photonics also offers customization and integration assistance of those solutions as part of their new designation as DLP Design House. 

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