DLP LightCrafter Solutions for Handheld Machine Vision Systems (Demo)

There is a trend towards portable and handheld machine vision and illumination systems for industrial applications.   The trend was in evidence at the recent CONTROL show in Stuttgart, Germany earlier this month which is focused on quality control and inspection equipment. 

It’s been our observation that machine vision systems are centering on three general levels of illumination for structured lighting, driven by the size of the objects under inpsection and the operating environment of the equipment.  On the large side where the equipment is often tripod mounted, 3000 lumens illumination systems fit the bill.  In the middle, where the equipment is often mounted on a swing or robotic arm, 300 lumens are desired.  Finally, in the smaller & emerging handheld space, 30 lumens can address many of the needs there today.

As a DLP® Design House, Keynote Photonics is always looking for ways to make DLP Technology easier to use and more available for industrial applications.  Before we look at the latest option that does that, let’s refresh on one of the tools from Texas Instruments.

A popular development tool in the market, offered by Texas Instruments, is the DLP LightCrafter™ Evaluation Module (EVM).  The LightCrafter is based on a 0.3 WVGA DMD and comes complete with an optical engine, drive electronics and processor module.  It’s a great little platform for development and prototyping for solutions in the 30 lumen range. 

In the past, after developing their prototype system, it’s not been straightforward for many system designers to acquire or develop the LightCrafter optical sub-system by itself for use production as TI doesn’t sell the optical engine as a standalone item.

We’re excited to expand our product portfolio further with the addition of a DLP Lightcrafter optical engine.


DLP LightCrafter Light Engine – coming soon from Keynote Photonics

This light engine is complete and matches the same specifications as the optical engine that comes with the Texas Instruments EVM. The optical engine includes the DLP3000 DMD and LED’s. It can plug in to the existing LightCrafter drive electronics or a custom design (which uses the DLPC300 Controller)

We will be taking pre-orders for the engine shortly on the Keynote eStore and plan to start shipping the engines in early 3Q.

We’re also planning to offer a production-ready set of drive electronics (which will include the DLPC300) that can be used in your machine vision, spectroscopy, or other application. More on that later.

We’d love to hear your ideas on what kind of solution would be right for you.


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