DLP Technology tools for Industrial Applications (Demo)

DLP Solutions from Large to Small

Several options now exist to develop industrial products using DLP® technology compared to the choices just a few years ago. Which DLP solution is best for your application?

DLP Discovery Kits & FlexLight X1

kp4100-1080p-discoveryThe most flexible and high switching bandwidth is provided by TI’s Discovery D4100 chipset. This chipset supports both a .95″ 1080P and a .7″ XGA DMD devices. The DMD’s are available with UV support option for those applications such as lithography that use UVA or UVB spectrums.  If you the fastest possible pattern rate, this chipset is what you need. The tradeoff for this switching speed is the time and effort to program the application FPGA (a Xilinx Vertex5 FPGA).

Keynote offers the KP4100 Discovery Starter Kit (see photo on left) solution based on the D4100 chipset. Visit our DLP Discovery Section in the eStore for full details.

For less demanding applications or for those needing a lower cost development option, Keynote offers the FlexLight X1. Based on a different chipset but using the same 1080P DMD, the X1 board allows you apply a dual 60 Hz 1080P channels to create a 120 Hz, 30-bits pattern rate. FlexLight X1 also supports the .96″ WUXGA DMD.

FlexLight X3-PM55 – Alternative to LightCommander

Stepping further down the cost curve are solutions using the DLP5500 chipset, which is built around a .55″ XGA DMD using a Series 450 package. TI originally promoted a development system called LightCommander™ which was introduced in 2010.

Keynote extended the functionality offered in the original LightCommander electronics and has x3-pm55introduced a production ready development system called the FlexLight X3-PM55. It supports the D5500 GUI development environment. Ideal for visible light applications – such as machine vision, the X3 does everything the original LightCommander electronics could do and more by providing dynamic pattern generation, real-time frame capture and many other capabilities. The DLP5500 DMD can support LED or Lamp illumination as high as 3000 lumens.

We also offer a low-cost FlexLight X3-MVC version that can be used with ordinary commercial data projectors to provide a low cost approach to machine vision applications using structured light patterns.  Check out the FlexLight X3 family in the Keynote eStore


DLP LightCrafter Optical Engine

The least costly option (and smallest size) is the LightCrafter™. It is build around a DLP pico projector engine using a DLP3000 WXGA DMD. The compact size is ideal for portable applications but is limited to about 50 lumens with after market cooling modifications (note that the system sold by TI runs about 20-30 lumens out of the box). At $600 (direct from TI), it is a very affordable option to explore DLP technology if the DMD/ light engine is suitable for your needs.

Keynote Photonics offers standalone, production ready LightCrafter optical engines on our eStore and are starting work on offering a complete drive solution that is production ready. We would love to hear from users on what they need to support their applications.

As always, we are happy to take your questions and try to match your needs with the right solution. What kind of DLP solution fits your needs? Comment below

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