Keynote Photonics – Machine Vision Solutions Update (Demo)

New Entry Point for X3 Machine Vision Family

It’s been a busy July and August looks to be the same.  At Keynote Photonics, there has been a lot of work done on the FlexLight X3 Machine Vision Controller solution in terms of software and firmware enhancements based on various requests and needs identified. 

We also have some exciting news on the marketing side including a new entry level configuration of the X3-MVC and a new university program. 

The X3-MVC is now available in the MVC-A (the original configuration) or MVC-B configurations.  The MVC-B offers a lower price option by taking off a couple of the special purpose features and options available on the MVC-A.  The pattern rate performance on the MVC-A ranges from VGA @ 120 Hz all the way up to WUXGA @ 60 Hz.  The MVC-B tops out at WXGA @ 120 Hz.  The MVC-A supports an optional (custom) dual camera, frame grabber & buffer, not available on the MVC-B. The X3-MVC-B provides a new price point of $1499.00 in the X3 Machine Vision Controller family.

The X3-UC1 and X3-PM55 members of the family are unchanged and still based on the X3-MVC-A. The X3-PM55 is the TI LightCommander compatible version.


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New Keynote Photonics University Program

In addition we are pleased to announce the new Keynote Photonics University Program which offers qualifying university customers a 10% discount on select X3 family members.  Specifically, the program applies to the X3-MVC-A,  X3-UC1 and X3-PM55 solutions. 

In order to qualify, the purchaser needs to have a univeristy physical address and a “.edu” email address.  To apply, simply visit the Keynote Photonics eStore account setup page and create a free account.  In addition to needed contact & address information, please include “university program” in the comment field of the app.  After that, we’ll confirm the information and add you to the university customer group. Any applicable discounts on X3 or future qualifying products will be automatically applied when you add approved items to the cart.  No coupons, no codes.  Simple.  The best part is you can order up to 10 items all at once or over time and receive the discount on all 10.  

Let us know if you any questions.

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