MATLAB and API Alpha release for X3 (Demo)

We’re pleased to announce the pre-release of an dynamic link library (DLL) file that will allow commerical programs such as Matlab and Labview, or user software to directly communicate and control the X3 products.

The X3-MVC and X3-PM55 come with a complete GUI for creating various patterns, stepping sequences and other system control. This new software provides the same access as the FL200 GUI. We can provide example scripts of Matlab routines now.

Now you can directly create a custom bit-map and send it directly to the X3 without any intermediate steps! Great for creating a dynamic spectral wavelength filter for spectrocopy or a intelligent light aperture.

Please contact us for access to the alpha release. We would also love to hear your ideas on what kind of functions you want to make your development process or application work better.

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