What’s Unique about the LC3000-PRO Industrial Pico-projector? (Demo)

Simply, the LC3000-Pro picks up where the TI LightCrafter EVM leaves off.

We use the same light-engine core and mechanical structure. We extend the design with a forced-air thermal solution and chassis design that can be either embedded inside a product or stand-alone. We added a focus locking mechanism maintains the system focus position over time or vibration

Second, we’ve developed a new LED driver design that allows all three of the LED channels to be used simultaneously.  This allows the maximum brightness potential possible for white-light scanning applications.

We also designed the driver to support easy use of other light-sources…

Each channel of thelc3000-open1-400px-resized-153.jpgdriver can provide up to 5 A of current and over a range of forward voltages. Instead of the flex-circuit found in the original LightCrafter design, a standard board-wire connector is used. You’ll need to be careful in how you set the current levels – this kind of drive system can overheat the DMD specification (about 65°C).

The LC3000 supports the same embedded LightCrafter software and API. We plan to offer custom solutions in the future too. We will also offer a version of the LC3000 that uses the baseline driver design as well as an electronics only version for those users developing their own optical system.

The LC3000-PRO was announced by Keynote on Feb 4 just before Photonics West 2013. (read the Press release on PRWEB)

Please stop by the TI booth (South Hall 1331) at Photonics West 2013 to see our demo and explore how the LC3000 can help you.


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