LC3000-EKT (Demo)

lc3000-drvThe LC3000-EKT provides users with the same great functionality of the Texas Instruments DLP® LightCrafter Evaluation Module with some useful features and direct access to our DLP experts and application staff. We’ve eliminated the optical engine to provide the best price for you.

Two additional interfaces are available to aid in your system integration. All three LED colors and strobe signals can be connected using a standard FPC cable to your driver electronics or to our 3-channel LED Driver board (same as used in the LC3000-PRO).

Also available is a remote power-on/power-off connector which easily allows an external controller to turn on system. Compatible with LC3000-PRO power supply (KN-ACC-005).

Optional DMD and LED Extension cable is available to easily interface to your custom opto-mechanical system.