New FlexLight X3 machine vision solution video tutorial (Demo)

Keynote Photonics has released on new video tutorial on setting up the FlexLight X3 FL200 control manager software to create basic structured lighting patterns for machine vision, spectroscopy and other industrial applications.

The FlexLight X3 family provides machine vision system developers a solution which is production ready and also comes with development features to shorten time to market. The FlexLight X3-PM55 is also software compatible with TI’s DLP LightCommander tool. Based on a 0.55″ XGA DLP chipset the, The X3-PM55 enables smaller system solutions, flexible opto-mechanical designs and rapid development and productization. To learn more get the X3 overview by clicking on the button below.

To use the FL200 Control Manager for development of structure lighting patterns for machine vision and other applications you will need the X3-PM55 module, a Windows based PC, cables and a viewing monitor or projector. Stay tuned for the next video which will detail hardware setup.

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