Flexlight 4K UHD Projector

The FlexLight™ 4K DLP projection system powered by TI 4K DLP660TE

The FlexLight 4K-HLD presents incomparable imagery with technology that is as reliable as it is captivating. Its uses range from home-theater to digital signage applications.  This product features TI’s latest DLP660TE chipset at 4K resolution and 2,200 lumens, and a giant color gamut capable of displaying the DCI-P3 color space that authentically captures the precise color of a product brand to a director’s original cinematic vision.

The FlexLight 4K-HLD projection module merges the detail and clarity of full 4K resolution with the stunning color space and black levels of the latest in illumination technology. The advanced brightness and extraordinary color space produced by the HLD illuminated optical engine sets it apart from typical LED driven displays and makes lamp based color appear dull in comparison.  In addition to incredible brightness, the 4K-HLD provides a virtually maintenance-free imaging solution that never requires a lamp replacement.

Key Features

  • Texas Instruments DLP660TE DMD
  • 1.5x Synchronized Focus Zoom
  • +/-65% vertical lens shift, +/- 27% horizontal lens shift (manual)
  • Image size: 95″ – 180″, 100″ @ 3m
  • Throw ratio: 1.36 – 2.03
  • Up to 2200 lumens

The FlexLight 4K-HLD can be purchased as an evaluation and development kit. Our EVM kit comes with direct support to interact with the TI DLP 4K chipset using DLP Composer ™ via USB. This kit offers synchronization outputs that will allow direct triggering of external cameras for machine vision and interactive development. Custom firmware design services for the DLP660TE chipset are also available through Keynote.

Please contact us for production solutions that are certified for resale and end-market use.
DLP 4K UHD Technology

The 4K-HLD harnesses the power of advanced DLP 4K UHD DMD with the latest XPR fast-switching technology. A dual-position precision optical actuator with state-of-the-art image processing creates fine detail, reaching 3840×2160 with 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame, four times the resolution of 1080p! Awe-inspiring 4K UHD image quality reduces blur between pixels and delivers supreme clarity and crisply defined fine details.

Magnificent Color with DCI-P3 Color Space

ColorSpark HLD LED technology accurately reaches the superwide DCI-P3 color range, significantly greater than the Rec. 709 HDTV color gamut. As defined by the American film industry, DCI-P3 provides far more colors covering a significantly larger portion of the visible spectrum for vibrant cinematic color performance which is unattainable with lesser color specifications. With DCI-P3, 4KHLD perfectly reproduces authentic cinematic quality with both intense brightness and precise color accuracy as the director originally intended. Going beyond traditional lamp solutions, HLD displays generally appear much brighter, in some cases up to 30% brighter, than a lamp-based display with similar measured lumen specifications, a phenomenon known as the Helmholtz–Kohlrausch effect.

ColorSpark HLD LED Technology

Striking a perfect balance between high brightness and cinematic color, 4KHLD combines the pioneering new ColorSpark HLD illumination system to deliver the DCI-P3 color space.

Compared with current LED technology, Philips ColorSpark HLD LED technology not only provides a wide color gamut for color quality but provides up to 3X brighter front-of-screen performance. Channeling powerfully pure green light 4X as bright as conventional green LEDs from the advanced High Lumen Density phosphor module, in tandem with high-brightness red and blue LEDs, ColorSpark HLD LED Technology dramatically raises brightness, helping 4KHLD generate 2,000 lumens for use in bright environments and well-lit rooms. With 20,000-hour-long maintenance-free lamp life and instant on/off response, 4KHLD delivers long-lasting cinema enjoyment with new LED technology for both a powerful brightness and a breathtaking color gamut.

Flexible Optical System

H/V Lens Shift for Custom Screen Placement

The 4KHLD lens can be shifted vertically or horizontally within the projector for a dynamic range of projection locations. The projected image can be moved up and down by 65% of screen height or left and right by 27% of screen width without sacrificing image quality for a custom installation in any room.

Zoom For Custom Flexible Installations

4KHLD offers 1.5X zoom for a wide range of throw distances for installation flexibility with diverse mounting and placement options.

*ColorSpark is a trademark of Philips Lighting Holding B.V.

3D Scanning and UV-405 nm Applications

The 4K-HLD can be configured for large area 3D-scanning applications.  In this mode, a specific color (typically blue) is used (instead of sequential operation of the red, green, and blue drivers).

In addition, Keynote offers an EVM kit that replaces the blue LED with a 405 nm LED and firmware that supports a 100% duty cycle (i.e. does not turn on the red or green LED).

Both options are accomplished with custom versions of the DDP4422 firmware specifically designed for each application. The DDP4422 firmware can be designed to allow single bit with exposure times between specific durations that allow camera operation from 15-120 Hz depending on the system design. Custom options can be developed upon request. Please fill out the contact form to arrange a discussion on your needs with our experts.