DLP Chipsets

TI offers a number of DLP chipsets that are employed in our products. Find the DLP chipset you are interested and click on the product links for more detailed information.

TI Chipset
Keynote Product
Key Applications
DLP3000 LC3000G2-PRO3D Measurement, Lightsteering, Medical
DLP4500LC4500-P5-RGB, LC4500-M8-UV, LC4500-EKTSpecialty Display, 3D Measurement, UV Printing
 DLP4501LC4501-EKTPico Display
 DLP4500NIRLC4500-EKT-NIR, NIRscan Spectroscopy
 DLP660TE4K-HLD-EVM, 4K-UV-405-EVM Display, UV Printing