The Flexlight LC3010-H6:

a production solution of the Dlp3010evm-LC

Featuring the Texas Instruments DLP3478, DLP3010 and DLPA3000.

If you have wondered how to create a real product design using the technology found in the DLP3010LC-EVM, look no farther!  Building on our experience with other products, we made careful design choices which improve all aspects of the product design: electrical, software, optical, mechanical, and thermal.  More details on these choices are described in our blog post.

This DLP-based platform provides fast development for end equipment requiring small form factor, lower cost, and intelligent, high-speed pattern display that is found in the TI DLP3010EVM-LC. It features the 0.3″ 720P HD chipset (DLP3010) and provides a variety of embedded functionality such as: structured light pattern projection, intelligent lighting, wavelength selection and portable display.

DLP 3010 3D scanning projector

Developers can create, store, and display high-speed pattern sequences through a USB-based application programming interface (API) using Keynote’s API.  Keynote provides an enhanced easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to aid in the control and development of various pattern sequences and other operating modes.  Explore our Knowledgebase articles to find out more.

LC3010 Features:

  • RGB LED light engine with up to 235 lumens light output
  • 1.2 Throw Ratio
  • Flexible Trigger Signals for Camera/Sensor Synchronization with Optional Opto-Isolators
    • One Configurable Input Trigger (1.8 V or 5 V )
    • Two Configurable Output Triggers (3.3 V)
  • Programmable LED Current Control
  • Customer programmable System Solutions modes with integrated MSP430
  • USB HID based API and host GUI
  • Windows and OSX API Support (contact us for other platforms)
  • Latching System Interface Connector (JST PHD Series)
  • Mini-USB and 12 VDC Barrel Connector (EVM only)
  • Integrated heat-pipe for LED thermal Management
  • Fan and Thermistor Interfaces

Light Control Features:

  • Pattern Display Optimized for Machine Vision and Digital Exposure
  • Flexible Internal (1D) Pattern Mode
    • Programmable Exposure Times
    • High Speed Pattern Rates Up to 2500 Hz (1-bit) and 360 Hz (8-bit)
  • External (2D) Pattern Streaming Mode using HDMI Expansion Board
  • Programmable 2D Static Patterns via Splash
  • Internal Pattern Streaming Mode Enables Simplified System Design
    • Eliminates Video Interface Requirement
    • Store >1000 Patterns in Flash Memory

Video Display Features (requires expansion HDMI board or equivalent):

  • Supports Input Video Resolution Up to 720p
  • Input Frame Rates to 120 Hz (2D and 3D) with optional HDMI expansion board
  • Image Processing – Image Resizing, 1D Keystone, CCA, Selectable De-gamma