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The LC3010-H6 is a compact industrial projector based on Texas Instruments’ DLP3010 light control chipset and optimized for 3D measurement applications.

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The LC3010-H6 uses the Texas Instruments DLP3010 Light Control chipset to provide a high resolution (1280×720), high brightness (235 lm) image for industrial applications such as 3D machine vision, structured light, medical and life science, and display.  The full color or monochrome image is projected with 100% offset, 1.2 throw ratio optics with 90% uniformity.  Combined with the DLPC3078 light control chipset, the LC3010 is ideal for 3D machine vision, structured light, medical and life science applications.

We provide a complete API library that supports direct USB-HID control over all aspects of the system, which is supported in Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems. Our system also provides a development GUI that allows direct sharing of solutions between different engineers or users.

 Key Features

  • Designed to support customer software development
    • Keynote SDK with multiple OS support
    • Enhanced development GUI supports sharing project information between engineering staff
    • Pattern libraries and pattern sequences can be defined with offline tools and easily imported into GUI
    • Up to 64K complete projector configurations can be saved as solutions and recalled with a single software command
  • Designed for physical integration into customer end equipment
    • All user connections available on a single high-retention standard connector
    • Primary user connections all located at rear of projector
    • Multiple mounting holes
  • Compact Form Factor
    • Keynote LC3010: 110x70x37mm, 210g (production configuration without heat pipe)
  • Other
    • USB-HID communication and control
    • Optional optocoupled trigger interface
    • Expansion interface for HDMI daughtercard
    • Support for external thermistor
    • Fan drive control

The DLPC3478 provides the following critical light control features:

  • Pattern Display Optimized for Machine Vision and Digital Exposure
  • Flexible Internal (1D) and External (2D) Pattern Streaming Modes
    • Programmable Exposure Times
    • High Speed Pattern Rates Up to 2500 Hz (1-bit) and 360 Hz (8-bit)
  • Programmable 2D Static Patterns via Splash
  • Internal Pattern Streaming Mode Enables Simplified System Design
    • Eliminates Video Interface Requirement
    • Store >1000 Patterns in Flash Memory
  • Flexible Trigger Signals for Camera/Sensor Synchronization
    • One Configurable Input Trigger
    • Two Configurable Output Triggers

Read more about the DLPC3478 here

Please check out the LC4500-P5 if you need full two dimensional pattern capability.