The LC4500-PRO industrial projector provides single color, high resolution output ideal for high-performance 3D measurement.

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 6 in

Red, Green, Blue


Include PEM, No PEM

The LC4500-PRO industrial projector is a single color, high resolution projector for your 3D measurement applications. On-axis optics provide uniform performance across the entire image.  The optical engine uses a high power single-color LED to illuminate TI’s .45” WXGA DMD, displaying over 1 million pixels in a single image.

  • High Grade Optical Engine, 90% Uniformity
  • 0% offset optics (on-axis projection lens)
  • Texas Instruments .45” WXGA DMD with >1 million pixels
  • 1.6:1 aspect ratio
  • Select either 460 nm (Blue), 613 nm (Red) or 525 nm (Green) LED
Optional Pattern Expansion Module
An optional Pattern Expansion Module (PEM) add-on is available, which is based on the Beagle-Bone development platform and is installed on headers added to the LC4500 controller board.  It expands the functionality of the LC4500 controller board by adding:
  • Ethernet interface for control and communication
  • Ability to operate pattern sequences at a fixed frame rate (50Hz per 24-bit frame) regardless of the number of patterns or bitplanes in the pattern sequence
  • Ability to update individual stored patterns without reprogramming the entire DLP4500 chipset firmware
  • Separate graphical user interface including PEM and general chipset controls

If desired a PEM-equipped controller board may be operated in the same way as one without a PEM using the standard GUI and USB interface with no loss of functionality or performance.

Note:  The headers for the PEM are not installed by default on the LC4500 controller board.  It is recommended that the PEM option be ordered at the same time as the rest of the electronics kits.

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