LC4500 RGB Projector with PEM option


The LC4500-RGB30 projector provides a full-color, high-resolution projector for your display applications. Excellent uniformity and short focus capability enable a wide range of applications.

This projector uses three high-power LEDs to illuminate Texas Instruments’ (TI) .45” WXGA DMD, displaying over 1 million pixels in a single image. The projector electronics contain all the power and capability of Texas Instruments’ reference design but also offers multiple control options, a custom GUI, and Beaglebone Green compatibility.

Optional Pattern Expansion Module
An optional Pattern Expansion Module (PEM) add-on is available, which is based on the Beagle-Bone development platform and is installed on headers added to the LC4500 controller board.  It expands the functionality of the LC4500 controller board by adding:
  • Ethernet interface for control and communication
  • Ability to operate pattern sequences at a fixed frame rate (50Hz per 24-bit frame) regardless of the number of patterns or bitplanes in the pattern sequence
  • Ability to update individual stored patterns without reprogramming the entire DLP4500 chipset firmware
  • Separate graphical user interface including PEM and general chipset controls

If desired a PEM-equipped controller board may be operated in the same way as one without a PEM using the standard GUI and USB interface with no loss of functionality or performance.