• LC4500 ProjectorEnhanced DLP4500 WXGA Industrial ProjectorRead More

  • 4K-UHD DLP660TE EVM Projector4K Resolution, LED, 2200 lm Read More

  • LC4500 405nm ProjectorSupports both 405 nm or 465 nm LED options for 3D Printing or 3D measurement applications. Compatible with TI Lightcrafter 4500 API.Read More

  • Now ISO 9001:15 Certified !Read More

  • Now offering LUXBEAM UV systemsUV Light Engines for Rapid ManufacturingContact us for details

LC3000 Industrial Pico Projectors

The LC3000 series from Keynote Photonics is a new class of industrial projectors designed specifically for applications which benefit from a small yet bright and rugged solid state lighting source.

UV Exposure Solutions

The LUXBEAM® RAPID SYSTEM (LRS)* is a DLP® based stereo lithography sub-system designed for additive manufacturing of high resolution parts.

LC4500 Industrial Projector

The FlexLight™ LC4500 is a complete control and DLP illumination system for industrial, medical and scientific applications providing user programmable set of DMD pattern options.

3D Measurement and Machine Vision

See How Keynote LC3000 Systems Can Be Used For Your 3D...

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UV Exposure

Using UV Sensitive Polymers and Epoxies, Keynote UV Enabled Solutions Are Ideal for...

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Spectrometers Using DMD Scanning can offer the performance of laboratory systems at a fraction...

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