KEYNOTEPHOTONICS, an Authorized DLP Design House

Our goal at Keynote is to maximize your product design using DLP technology and provide you insights to take your company to the next level.The DLP Digital Micromirror Device (DMD), an array of micromirrors, is used for real-time, efficient, and highly reliable spatial light modulation. Our team has decades of experience in digital micromirror systems and products and have been instrumental in many of the technical innovations at TI. We also have extensive contacts with the manufacturing eco-system to bring your product to market quickly and effectively.

We have experience in developing system designs for spectroscopy, 3D machine vision and measurement, 3D printing, laser marking and high-speed exposure systems.

Our Mission at Keynote Photonics is to provide a range of products and services that eliminates the complexity of using DLP technology for photonics applications. Our team’s core is built from some of the most experienced business and technical experts that worked at the DLP business unit from Texas Instruments.

We want to learn about your needs and understand how we can best help you succeed. Please contact us if you have a need and feel like our solutions might fit. We can work together to find the best approach.