Lightcrafter DLP4500 Family

FlexLight LC4500

The Flexlight 4500 product family is a production-ready, full-featured implementation of the Texas Instruments LightCrafter DLP4500 chipset, which includes the DLPC350 and 0.45″ WXGA DMD.

Need to place the DMD far way from your electronics? Want to quickly support image downloads without having to flash new image data each time? Prefer direct Ethernet support? The LC4500 offers more than TI’s standard kit.

Like the Texas Instruments LightCrafter™ 4500, Keynote Photonics LC4500 projectors and electronic kits are based on Texas Instruments’ .45” WXGA DMD (DLP4500FQD, DLP4500FQE and DLP4500NIRFQE). The LC4500 controller provides a direct interface for the popular BeagleBone Black development platform based on a AM335x ARM® Cortex A8 processor, providing users the ability to stream patterns created real time into the projector. This interface connector can also be used for custom FPGA designs, and has access to the system I2C and other vital trigger and control signals from the main board.

A complete streaming pattern application and API is available for the Beaglebone Black that comes with it’s own graphical user interface that can support Windows, Linux or Mac. Click here for more information on the LC4500-PEM API.


An MSP430 micro-controller is integrated on the main control board, allowing customized configurations and modes of the DLP chipset. The controller is very versatile offering single-color or 3-color display. Common applications for these kits are 3D printing, 3D measurement and NIR spectroscopy



Title 1
LC4500-EKT Controller
Illumination TypeNoneRGB LED405 nm or 465 nm
Projection MethodN/A100% OffsetOn-Axis
Brightness / Output PowerN/Aup to 200 lumens405 nm – up to 2 W
Infra-red SupportYes – DLP4500NIRFQENoNo

Click below for more information on the chipset information used in the LC4500 family:

TI DLP4500 WXGA Chipset (Rev. A)

TI DLP350 DataSheet (Rev. A)

TI DLP350 Programmer’s Guide (Rev. E)