3D Scanning Projectors

Product Family
Maximum Pattern Rate
(Binary / 8-bit)
Sustained Pattern Rate
(Binary / 8-bit )
Key Features
LC3010 (1280 x 720) 2880 Hz / 360 Hz 2880 Hz / 360 Hz API, Fast 8-bit pattern rate
LC4500 (912 x 1140 Diamond pixel) 4225 Hz / 120 Hz 2880 Hz / 120 Hz NIR, 2D Patterns, Full-White RGB
LC4710 (1920 x 1080)1440 Hz / 120 Hz1440 Hz / 120 Hz API, High Brightness, Fast 8-bit pattern rate

3D Scanning with Structured Light

3D measurement is a fast and accurate optical technique used to capture physical measurements of an object. With digitized 3D scan data, the dimensions of any object, including surface area, volume, and feature size, can be extracted. 3D scanning has proven to be valuable across a wide array of applications, including dental scanning, machine vision, biometrics, industrial metrology, and many more.

Structured Light is an optical method of 3D scanning where a series of patterns are projected upon an object and a camera or sensor detects the distortions of the patterns. Image processing and triangulation algorithms then convert these distortions into a 3D point cloud. The point cloud can be used directly for analysis of the object or easily exported to a variety of CAD modeling formats.

Fast and Flexible 3D MEASUREMENT light pattern generation

Keynote Photonics’ advanced light control portfolio offers DLP projectors and companion controllers imaging capabilities beyond traditional display projectors. We offer systems that span 363-nm to 2,500-nm wavelength range, have binary pattern rates up to 32 kHz and offer more precise pixel accurate control.

Our systems display 3D measurement structured light patterns without the need for an external streaming video processor. Our LC3010  and LC4710 projectors can pre-store more than 1,000 structured light row or column patterns using one-dimensional (1D) encoding. 1D patterns take advantage of using a single row or column and repeating that row or column across the entire array. Our LC4500 family provides an advanced design that support up to 400 pre-stored 2D full-frame patterns.

LC3010 Projectors

This DLP-based platform enables fast development for end equipment requiring small form factor, lower cost, and intelligent, high-speed 3D measurement pattern display. It features the 0.3″ 720P HD chipset (DLP3010) and provides a variety of embedded functionality such as: structured light pattern projection, intelligent lighting, wavelength selection and portable display.

3D Scanning Projector with zero offset and DLP3010 DMD

Developers can create, store, and display high-speed pattern sequences through a USB-based application programming interface (API) using Keynote’s API. Keynote provides an enhanced easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to aid in the control and development of various pattern sequences and other operating modes.

We designed the LC3010 from the ground up to be easily and quickly integrated into customers’ end equipment. Building on our experience with other products, we made careful design choices which improve all aspects of the product design: electrical, software, optical, mechanical, and thermal.

LC4710 Projectors

The Keynote LC4710 is a compact monochrome projector for 3D measurement and advanced light control applications.  It uses Texas Instruments’ DLP4710 0.47-in 1920×1080 TRP DMD and DLPC3479 display and light controllers and supports internal and external pattern sequencing, static image, HDMI streaming, and test pattern operating modes.

The LC4710 is designed for easy integration into production systems with high-retention connectors,  adjustable focus, high-current and optocoupled trigger I/O, and multiple mounting hole locations. UV (405nm) version also available.

Typical applications of the LC4710 include:

Small display projectors: Embedded display, Interactive display, Information overlay

Structured light applications: 3D Modeling/Design/Printing, Biometric: fingerprint identification and face recognition, Machine vision and inspection

Medical and life sciences: Vascular imaging, Dental impression scanner, Intraoral dental scanners, Orthopedics, Prosthesis, CT/MRI/X-ray marking, and retail cosmetics.


LC4500 projectors and electronic kits are based on Texas Instruments’ .45” WXGA DMD (DLP4500AFQD, DLP4500AFQE and DLP4500NIRFQE). Common applications for the LC4500 are 3D measurement, 3D printing, and NIR spectroscopy.

  • Multiple optical engine options for RGB or monochrome operation, or separately mounted DMD for integration with customer-provided optics.
  • High speed pattern display of variable bit-depth 2D images.
  • Multiple trigger in/out signals for synchronizing patterns with cameras and host controllers.
  • Streaming video input for display or structured light applications.
  • USB HID based control and communication
  • Integrated MSP430 controller for customizable configurations.

Read the full specification of the DLPC350 controller here.

LC4500 controller electronics

The LC4500 controller optionally provides a direct interface for the popular BeagleBone development platform based on a AM335x ARM® Cortex A8 processor, providing users the ability to stream patterns created real time into the projector. This interface connector can also be used for custom FPGA designs and has access to the system I2C and other vital trigger and control signals from the main board.


LC4500 projectors and electronic kits are based on Texas Instruments’ .45” NIR WXGA DMD.  We have a limited stock of the DLP4500NIRFQE version and will be transitioning our product to the DLP4500NIRFQD device.