Keynote’s LC3010 projectors use the Texas Instruments DLP3010 light control chipset to provide a high resolution (1280×720), high brightness image for industrial uses such as 3D measurement, specialized display, and other structured light applications.  Our modules project a full color or monochrome image with 0% or 100% offset and 1.2 throw ratio.

Keynote designed the LC3010 with customer implementation in mind.  This blog post explores some of the ways we did that.

Keynote provides a complete API library that supports direct USB-HID control over all aspects of the system and is supported in Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems. We also provide a development GUI with collaboration features that allow direct sharing of solutions between different engineers or users.

LC3010 3D scanning projector with HDMI input and DLP3010 DMD


  • HDMI input
  • Optocouplers
  • Accessories kit

Key Features

  • Designed to support customer software development
    • Keynote SDK with multiple OS support
    • Enhanced development GUI supports sharing project information between engineering staff
    • Pattern libraries and pattern sequences  definable with offline tools and easily imported into GUI
    • Ability to save up to 64K complete projector configurations as solutions and recall with a single software command
  • Designed for physical integration into customer end equipment
    • All user connections available on a single high-retention standard connector
    • Primary user connections all located at rear of projector
    • Multiple mounting holes
  • Compact Form Factor
    • Keynote LC3010: 110x70x37mm, 210g (production configuration without heat pipe)
  • Other
    • USB-HID communication and control
    • Optional optocoupled trigger interface
    • Optional daughtercard for HDMI input
    • Support for external thermistor
    • Fan drive control

The DLPC3478 DMD controller provides the following light control features:

  • Pattern display mode for structured light applications
    • Internal stored (1D) and external streaming (2D) pattern modes
    • Programmable Exposure Times
    • High Speed Pattern Rates Up to 2500 Hz (1-bit) and 360 Hz (8-bit)
    • >1000 patterns can be stored in onboard flash memory
  • Up to 4 user-programmable 2D static images
  • Trigger signals for camera/sensor synchronization
    • One configurable input trigger
    • Two configurable output triggers

Read more about the DLPC3478 here