The Ultra High-Definition LRS-4KA UV projector provides an outstanding combination of advanced DLP™ electronics and high-performance optics.  Using Texas Instruments’ latest DLP660TE ™ DMD, this projector can display over 8 million pixels using a high-power LED source.    Combined with dedicated UV optics and high-power UV LEDs, the LRS-4KA makes high-speed 3D manufacturing possible.

Designed specifically for stationary high-resolution stereolithography applications, the LRS-4KA will be a core element of the next generation of 3D printers.  By providing complete control of an integrated optical actuator, you can address 8.3 million unique pixel locations, enabling the manufacturing of extremely high-resolution parts.

The system comprises a UV-optimized optical system and a selection of different UV LED light sources with an optical output power of up to 4.5 watts.    The projector features a high-performance optical assembly from Visitech and is available with three different projection lens magnifications: 13x, 14x, or 17x.  The magnification of these lenses can be adjusted, allowing pixel sizes from 60 to 100-micron pixels, supporting build areas from 163 x 92 mm up to 272 x 153 mm, and feature sizes as small as 30 microns.

LRS-4KA 4K UV Projector

3 configurations:

  • LRS-4KAp: High Performance version providing up to 4.5 W
  • LRS-4KAc:  Standard version providing up to 2.5 W
  • LRS-WQm:  Similar to the LRS-4KAc, but without an optical actuator (>4 M Pixel resolution)

The LRS-4KA comes in three configurations enabling  an advanced and extremely competitive plug-and-play projector.  This flexibility allows customers to design, build and brand a Rapid Manufacturing machine with a very short time-to-market and with very low technical risk.  And using Texas Instruments’ reliable DLP660TE DMD technology, the DLP660TE DMD projector offers a long lifetime at a competitive cost.

Note:  This product line is specifically designed for static implementations in additive manufacturing systems.


  • Up to 4.5 W UV power at 405 nm.
  • 8 M addressable pixels with optical pixel shifting.
  • Texas Instruments DLP660TE DLP (2716×1528) with 17-degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • 365, 380, 405 and 465 nm LED options.
  • 5.4 𝛍m mirrors provide 60-100 micron pixel pitch using 3 available lenses
  • Build areas from 163 x 92 mm to 272 x 153 mm
  • Working Distance from 310 – 559 mm
  • 17-degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • Direct Access Pixel shift actuator support.
  • Trigger Input and Output
  • Short Working Distance (310 – 566 mm)
  • DisplayPort or HDMI input.
  • API and development GUI (Call for Linux and OSX support)
  • Total weight w/o power supply:  4 kg
  • 12 VDC input

The LC4KA-EKT provides a complete controller for the DLP660TE chipset supporting both 3D Printing, UV exposure, or 3D measurement applications.
The integrated dual-DLPC4422 controller can operate in both single-color and 3-color RGB modes. Video inputs ports include both DisplayPort and HDMI, but pre-loaded patterns can also be displayed from the system’s internal flash memory. This flexibility supports a wide variety of applications. 

4K-UHD images are created using an external optical actuator using the native resolution of the DLP660TE (2716×1528).

  • Texas Instruments DLP660TE (2716×1528).
  • DLL API and development GUI.
  • DisplayPort or HDMI input.
  • Pixel shift actuator support.
  • Trigger Input and Output
  • Flex-cable interface to discrete DMD board.
  • 8 M addressable pixels with optical pixel shifting.
  • Monochrome or RGB LED operation
  • 5.4 𝛍m pixel pitch
  • 17-degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • Custom flex-cable lengths available (special order)
  • Compact size: Main Board 175mm x 120mm; DMD Board 65 x 120 mm
LC4KA-EKT controller for the DLP660TE chipset