UV and IR Exposure SYSTEMS

UV projector (or exposure) systems for additive manufacturing vary based on the power, resolution, wavelength and build-size of the exposure target. While most systems are based on UV wavelengths between 355 nm to 410 nm, new DLP chipsets support near-infrared (NIR) systems optimized at 1064 nm.

DLP 3D Printing Concept


Static UV exposure systems are typically used in rapid prototyping machines and professional desktop 3D printers. We have a variety of options to meet different product requirements.

  • LUXBEAM LRS-HD and LRS-WQ Up to 7 W of optical power with a variety of lens options for pixel pitch from 1.9 μ to 130 μ .
  • FLEXLIGHT LRS-4KA Up to 5 W of optical power with integrated pixel shift.
  • FLEXLIGHT LRS-WQm Up to 3 W of optical power targeting more cost-sensitive markets.
  • FLEXLIGHT LC4710-UV Up to 2 W of optical power at 405 nm with full 1080P resolution.

A wide selection of lenses with different magnification and  LED wavelengths offer a multitude of system configurations, ranging from micro stereo-lithography to A4-sized build areas. For the LRS-4KA and LRS-WQm, we offer a complete API for different operating system platforms.

Dynamic (Scrolling)

Dynamic or scrolling-based applications are ideal for the LUXBEAM LRS-HD or LRS-MCx series projectors.  These projectors can be combined and synchronized with precise x or x-y scrolling motion systems. This allows you to scale up the total build area while maintaining the projector’s high resolution and high power output.

A wide selection of imaging lenses allows for single and multi-head configurations from micro-lithography to large-scale build sizes. These systems also offer the best output performance and contrast when using LED wavelengths under 385 nm.


High-Power NIR

We are currently developing high-power NIR projectors. Contact us for further information.

LRS-4KA UV Projector


KEY Features
  • Output Power:  Performance version:  Up to 4.5 W
  • Includes controlled pixel shift supporting print features down to 35 u
  • Exposure area: 177×100 mm to 272 x 153 mm

This Ultra High Definition UV projector provides an outstanding combination of advanced DLP™ electronics and high-performance optics. Using Texas Instruments’ latest DLP660TE ™ DMD, this projector can display over 8 million pixels using a high-power LED source. Combined with dedicated UV optics and high-power UV LEDs, the LRS-4KA makes high-speed 3D manufacturing possible.

Designed specifically for stationary high-resolution stereolithography applications, the LRS-4KA will be a core element of the next-generation of 3D printers. By providing complete control of an integrated optical actuator, you can address 8.3 million unique pixel locations, enabling the manufacturing of extremely high-resolution parts.

The system comprises a UV-optimized optical system and a selection of UV LED light sources with optical output power up to 4.5 watts. The projector features a high-performance optical assembly from Visitech and is available with three different projection lens magnifications: 13x, 14x or 17x. The magnification of these lenses can be adjusted, allowing pixel sizes from 60 to 100 micron pixels, supporting build areas from 163 x 92 mm up to 272 x 153 mm and feature sizes as small as 30 microns.

Although the internal electronics were originally based on Texas Instruments’ reference design, Keynote includes significant improvements in our custom design:

  • Pixel-Pure Images: The LRS-4KA allows you to input your images at the precise resolution of the actual DMD chip (2 separate 2712 x 1528 images). Our custom chipset and firmware ensure that your data will never be scaled or resampled in any way! This prevents the scaling artifacts produced by TI’s standard firmware.
  • Precise Control of the Optical Actuator: The LRS-4KA gives you complete control over the timing of the optical actuator, allowing you to design your slicing algorithm to take advantage of the ultra-high def resolution in multiple ways.
  • High-Speed Flexible Architecture: The LRS-4KA electronics can be purchased separately. Since our design uses a flexible micro-coaxial cable to connect the control electronics with the DMD, it allows you to easily integrate our electronics with your own custom optics.

This flexibility enables an advanced and extremely competitive plug-and-play projector that allows customers to design, build and brand a rapid manufacturing machine with a very short time-to-market and with very low technical risk. Through the use of Texas Instruments’ reliable DLP660TE DMD technology, the DLP660TE DMD projector offers a long lifetime at a competitive cost.

For customers that want to use their own optics, Keynote Photonics offers an electronics-only solution: LC4K-EKT Controller.



  • Output Power:  Up to 2.5 W
  • 60 u to 80 um pixel pitch
  • Exposure area:  163×92 mm to 217 x 122 mm
  • Working distance:  310 mm to 370 mm

The LUXBEAM® LRS-WQm is specifically designed for implementation in compact, desktop-type 3D printing and additive manufacturing systems.

High resolution static configuration

With the UHD-resolution DLP660TE chip, the LRS-WQm offers over 4 million pixels native resolution and projects high resolution images with superior image quality. The system comprises an UV-optimized optical system and configuration with different LEDBEAM™ UV LED light sources, as well as a growing number of lens options with different magnifications.

The LRS-WQm controller electronics provide industry-proven reliability with industry standard data and communication interfaces.  It takes the needs of the desktop 3D print industries into consideration and offers superior quality and performance at competitive costs.


LRS-WQ UV Projector

  • Up to 7 W Output Power
  • Lens options support pixel pitch from 1.75 um and higher
  • Exposure area from 4.5 x 2.8 mm to 330 x 208 mm.

The LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-WQ is a DLP® based stereolithography sub-system specifically designed for professional 3D Printing and additive prototyping/
manufacturing systems. With the robust and reliable high resolution DLP9000 WQXGA chip, the LRS-WQ offers long lifetime and low maintenance costs. The system is configurable with numerous imaging lenses at different magnifications, providing anything from 1.75 micron native pixel pitch up to 130 micron in image, corresponding to an A4 sized build area.

Maximum optical power in image

The LRS-WQ comprises a UV-optimized optical system and a selection of different high power LEDBEAM™ UV LED light sources, ranging from 365 to visible blue 460 nm and providing up to 7 Watts optical power in the image. The LRS-WQ light engine is a proven and reliable plug-and-play system/module.  Status tracking  and control are provided through a standard ethernet interface which is accessible by web browser or API commands.


  • Up to 7 W Output Power
  • Lens options support pixel pitch from 5.4 u and higher
  • Exposure area from 5.2 x 3.0 mm to 359 x 202 mm.

The LRS-HD is a DLP® based stereolithography sub-system, specifically designed for single head scrolling motion 3D Printing and additive manufacturing systems. With the robust and reliable high resolution DLP9500 chip, the LRS-HD variants (UV/HY/VIS) offers long lifetime and low maintenance costs at superior performance in wavelengths from 365 up to 460 nm.

Scalable build area with scrolling

The LRS-UV/HY/VIS uses the advantage of a scrolling motion projector to create a scalable build area and offer smart functions such as Sub-Pixelation (SPX) for resolution enhancement, and Pixel Power Control (PPC) for power uniformity to enable production of high resolution parts with superior building speed. The system comprises of an UV-optimized optical system and a selection of different LEDBEAMTM UV LED light sources, with lens options for pixels size in image, ranging from 2,7 micron up to 187 micron pixel pitch.

LRS-MCx Multi-Core UV Projector


Offering the same performance as the LRS-HD light engines, the LUXBEAM® Rapid System LRS-MCx allows you to integrate multiple projection modules into a compact opto-mechanical design.  This enables large-area exposure in a single pass while still achieving pixel resolution as small as 50 microns.   Special opto-mechanical design features ensure precise pixel alignment of multiple modules, while providing the same robust reliability of the high resolution DLP9500/DLP9500 UV chip-set. The modules are water-cooled, offering long lifetime and excellent performance even in high-speed industrial applications.  


The LRS-MCx is a configurable system designed for both static and scrolling multi-head 3D print systems . A typical implementation comprises at least two projection modules on a linear stage system. The standard configurations include a LEDBEAM™ UV LED light source, providing high power output for a variety of wavelengths.   Up to 7 Watts of optical power per head is possible depending on the projection lens configuration.  Multiple lens options allow you to customize the projector for your preferred image size.