LC4710 3D scanning projector with DLP4710 DMD

Keynote is introducing the new LC4710-B30 industrial 3D scanning projector which uses the DLP4710 light control chipset from Texas Instruments.

We designed the LC4710 to be easily and quickly integrated into customers’ end equipment. Building on our experience with other products, we made careful design choices which improve all aspects of the product design: electrical, software, optical, mechanical, and thermal. Key features of the design include optocoupler triggering, robust industrial quality connections, and a unique software development environment (SDK) that can be programmed with up to 65536 unique solutions.  These solutions store complete projector configurations including pattern sequence parameters, LED levels, peripheral settings, etc.  Setting a solution as the default allows the LC4710-B30 to power up in a fully ready state without user intervention. Pattern or video data can be provided with the HDMI input or internally programmed patterns can support rates up to 1440 Hz.

The LC4710-UV30 is also available for 3D printing applications.   Get more information here.


In addition, Keynote is introducing a zero-offset version of its popular LC3010 series with the LC3010-RGB10. It is virtually identical to the LC3010-H6 except in the projection lens. See more about our LC3010 line-up here.

For users needing two-dimensional pattern sequencing and zero-offset projection, the LC4500-RGB30 is now sampling. See more about our LC4500 line-up here.