LRS-4KA 4K Additive Manufacturing

Keynote Photonics has launched production of the new LRS-4KA UV projector:  This Ultra High Definition UV projector provides an outstanding combination of advanced DLP™ electronics and high-performance optics.  Using Texas Instruments’ latest DLP660TE ™ DMD, this projector can display over 8 million pixels using a high-power LED source.    Combined with dedicated UV optics and high-power UV LEDs, the LRS-4KA makes high-speed 3D manufacturing possible.

Designed specifically for stationary high-resolution stereolithography applications, the LRS-4KA will be a core element of the next-generation of 3D printers.  By providing complete control of an integrated optical actuator, you can address 8.3 million unique pixel locations, enabling the manufacturing of extremely high-resolution parts.

The system comprises an UV-optimized optical system and a selection of different UV LED light sources with optical output power up to 4.5 watts.    The projector features a high-performance optical assembly from Visitech and is available with three different projection lens magnifications: 13x, 14x or 17x.  The magnification of these lenses can be adjusted, allowing pixel sizes from 60 to 100 micron pixels, supporting build areas from 163 x 92 mm up to 272 x 153 mm and feature sizes as small as 30 microns.

Although the internal electronics were originally based on Texas Instruments’ reference design, Keynote includes significant improvements in our custom design:

  • Pixel-Pure Images: The LRS-4KA allows you to input your images at the precise resolution of the actual DMD chip (2 separate 2712 x 1528 images). Our custom chipset and firmware ensure that your data will never be scaled or resampled in any way! This prevents the scaling artifacts produced by TI’s standard firmware.
  • Precise Control of the Optical Actuator: The LRS-4KA gives you complete control over the timing of optical actuator, allowing you to design your slicing algorithm to take advantage of the ultra-high def resolution in multiple ways.
  • High-Speed Flexible Architecture: The LRS-4KA electronics can be purchased separately.  Since our design uses a flexible micro-coaxial cable to connect the control electronics with the DMD, it allows you to easily integrate our electronics with your own custom optics.

We offer this new projector in 3 configurations:

  • LRS-4KAp: High Performance version providing up to 4.5 W
  • LRS-4KAc:  Standard version providing up to 2.5 W 
  • LRS-WQm:  Similar to the LRS-4KAc, but without an optical actuator (>4 MPixel resolution)

This flexibility enables an advanced and extremely competitive plug-and-play projector that allows customers to design, build and brand a Rapid Manufacturing machine with a very short time-to-market and with very low technical risk.  And through the use of Texas Instruments’ reIiable DLP660TE DMD technology, the DLP660TE DMD projector offers a long lifetime at a competitive cost.

Note:  This product line is specifically designed for static implementations in additive manufacturing systems.

For customers that want to use their own optics, Keynote Photonics offers an electronics-only solution: LC4K-EKT Controller.


  • Up to 4.5 W UV power at 405 nm.
  • 8 M addressable pixels with optical pixel shifting.
  • Texas Instruments DLP660TE DLP (2716×1528) with 17 degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • 365, 380, 405 and 465 nm LED options.
  • 5.4 𝛍m mirrors provide 60-100 micron pixel pitch using 3 available lenses
  • Build areas from 163 x 92 mm to 272 x 153 mm
  • Working Distance from 310 – 559 mm
  • 17 degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • Direct Access Pixel shift actuator support.
  • Trigger Input and Output
  • Short Working Distance (310 – 566 mm)
  • DisplayPort or HDMI input.
  • API and development GUI (Call for Linux and OSX support)
  • Total weight w/o power supply:  4 kg
  • 12 VDC input