3D Printing:  The LRS-MCX is a high-performance UV Projector especially designed for Additive Manufacturing applications

The Visitech LRS-MCx UV projector offers the same high-performance 3D Printing as Visitech’s LRS-HD projectors.  However, the LRS-MCx has a unique opto-mechanical design that easily combines multiple projectors into a single large array.  This permits exposure to a large area while maintaining a very fine resolution.

Based on your desired image size, resolution, and manufacturing throughput, multiple lens options allow you to customize your 3D printing system.  With a variety of UV wavelengths, you can customize the system for your specific 3D material.  Depending on your wavelength and magnification requirements, each LRS-MCx projector projects up to 7 Watts of optical power.


Each projector includes a high-power UV LED light source and uses Texas Instruments’ DLP9500 UV DLP chip-set.  This gives them the same reliable performance and incredibly high resolution of our standalone projectors.  A large LRS-MCx projector array can be used for static 3D printing.  However, its advanced electronics can continuously scroll images at incredible speed.  So by mounting the array on a linear motion system, you can expose a massive area in a single high-speed scan.  This offers the highest manufacturing throughput possible for your 3D printer, minimizing your production cost.

A typical implementation comprises at least two projection modules on a linear stage.  But depending on your 3D printing application, you can create as large an array as you desire.  Special alignment features on the MCx projectors ensure precise pixel positioning across your entire image.  Since the MCx projectors are water-cooled, the entire system provides the consistent high-quality performance that is critical for industrial applications.