The LC4KA-EKT provides a complete controller for the DLP660TE chipset supporting both 3D Printing, UV exposure, or 3D measurement applications.

The integrated dual-DLPC4422 controller can operate in both single-color and 3-color RGB modes.  Video inputs ports include both DisplayPort and HDMI but pre-loaded patterns can also be displayed from the system’s internal flash memory.  This flexibility supports a wide variety of applications. 

4K-UHD images are created using an external optical actuator using the native resolution of the DLP660TE (2716×1528).

  • Texas Instruments DLP660TE (2716×1528).
  • DLL API and development GUI.
  • DisplayPort or HDMI input.
  • Pixel shift actuator support.
  • Trigger Input and Output
  • Flex-cable interface to discrete DMD board.
  • 8 M addressable pixels with optical pixel shifting.
  • Monochrome or RGB LED operation
  • 5.4 𝛍m pixel pitch
  • 17-degree tilt angle for high-efficiency optics.
  • Custom flex-cable lengths available (special order)
  • Compact size: Main Board 175mm x 120mm; DMD Board 65 x 120 mm

Optical Pixel Shifting



LC4KA Block Diagram