DLP NIRscan by Keynote Photonics

A complete evaluation module (EVM) to design a high performance, affordable, near-infrared spectrometer.


The NIRscan EVM is a flexible tool containing everything a designer needs to start developing a DLP-based spectrometer right out of the box. The EVM features the DLP4500 NIR chipset – the first ever DLP chipset optimized for use with near-infrared (NIR) light. It is optimized for spectral regions between 900 nm to 2500 nm.

The NIRscan was awarded the Gold Editor’s Choice award at the 2014 Pittcon tradeshow. This spectrometers’ technology is ideal for use in the food, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, and other emerging industries will be able to deliver lab performance levels in the factory and the field along with potential for significant system cost savings by replacing expensive array detectors with a single-element detector. The digital nature of core DLP technology allows for stable and consistent operation for the duration of a products operation in harsh environmental conditions. The programmable nature of the system allows for a variety of detection methods that can be optimized for specific applications.

The system processor is based on a Sitara 1 GHz ARM processor, which is also used on the BeagleBone Black development platform. Our LC4500-PEM software and API, which runs on the BeagleBone Black platform, provides flexible pattern generation and control methods. It also provides more direct access to the control of the DMD.

You can purchase single unit quantities from the Texas Instruments eStore. Please contact us for custom solutions or higher quantities.