LightCrafter DLP3000 Family

FlexLight 2nd Generation LC3000 Family

The Flexlight LC3000 product family is a production-ready, full-featured implementation of the Texas Instruments DLP3000 chipset and TI LightCrafter, which includes the DLPC300 and 0.3″ WVGA DMD .

This DLP-based platform provides fast development for end equipments requiring small form factor, lower cost and intelligent, high-speed pattern display. It features the 0.3″ WVGA chipset (DLP3000), provides a variety of embedded functionality such as: structured light pattern projection, intelligent lighting, wavelength selection and portable display. We have added additional features to the API and electronics such as support tru-white mode (LC3000-PRO only), no SD-card firmware updates


  • RGB LED light engine with up to 150L light output*
  • High speed patterns using the native DLP3000 resolution (608 x 684)
  • Up to 4000 Hz binary pattern rate
  • Up to 120 Hz 8-bit grayscale pattern rate
  • Display images or video up to WVGA resolution (854 x 480)
  • Configurable I/O trigger for synchronizing with cameras, sensors, etc
  • DM365 embedded processor running embedded Linux
  • 128MB NAND flash memory for pattern and sequence storage
  • USB, Mini HDMI, UART interfaces
  • USB-based API and host GUI
  • Compact size: 117mm x 65mm x 23mm

*LC3000-PRO, white light mode.

Several different enhancements and features to the original TI design. All of the versions can be ordered in a short focus distance that supports a throw distance of less the 150 mm.

Model                               Key Feature
LC3000-G2-EKT              Electronics only. Optional Flex cable.
LC3000-G2-PI                  Production LightCrafter Solution with Focus Lock and up to 25 lumens.
LC3000-G2-PRO              Same as G+, but supports active cooling for up to 50 lumens brightness.


Developers can create, store, and display high-speed pattern sequences through a USB-based application programming interface (API) using an RNDIS driver. We provide an enhanced easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The module also features the powerful TMS320DM365 digital media processor based on DaVinci technology from Texas Instruments.




LC3000-EKT with flex (top-view)