Gen2 DLP3000 Projectors

Keynote Photonics’ newest LC3000 projectors provide TI Lightcrafter compatibility at an attractive price point.

DLP3000-based Gen2 projectors ready for shipping

Last month, we announced our next generation products based on TI’s DLP3000 chipset. And this month, we are happy to announce that we have ramped our production line and are now shipping.

The next-gen product line contains 2 variations:

The LC3000G2-PRO uses the same architecture as the original TI Lightcrafter design. Consequently, for those companies that are already using TI’s Lightcrafter 3000 projector, this product provides a seamless transition.

Finally, the LC3000-G2-PRO+ includes a separate LED driver board for high brightness applications.  As a result, you can configure this version to output full-white pattern sequences with over 150 lumens.



Let us help…

Keynote Photonics is an authorized provider of custom DLP electronics and projection systems. Our systems are currently helping customers develop and produce a variety of solutions.  These include high-resolution display, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and UV exposure.

If you’d like help in developing your own custom product using DLP technology, please contact us.






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