Theme Parks Require Incredible Resolution and Color Performance from Their Video Projectors

Exhilarating Rides Demand Equally Exhilarating Images

Theme park projector applications vary widely, from high-speed imagery for amusement rides all the way to informational signage for point-of-sale applications. Consequently, we’ve designed our 4K UHD projector as an evaluation platform that can help you develop high-resolution solutions for each of these requirements.


Since amusement rides typically have very high-speed imagery, they often cause smearing of the imagery which degrades the perceived resolution of the image. Our 4K evaluation projector has the capability to display 120Hz video, providing crisp imagery for super-high-speed attractions. And additional customization can actually double the perceived display rate.


Keynote’s 4K UHD Evaluation Projector

Keynote’s projector includes the latest 4K Ultra High Definition (ULD) technology from Texas Instruments (TI) for incredibly lifelike imagery.  In addition, the color is the best in the business, using Phillips Lighting’s new high lumen density (HLD) LEDs to project the entire DCI-P3 color spectrum.


This combination of technologies enables you to display cinema quality video or precisely duplicate the color spectrum on a souvenir dress.  Since the illumination is provided by long-lifetime LEDs, you can rotate the projector worry-free to convert the wide-screen image to a vertical image as needed.


Keynote Photonics 4K-HLD projector has 4 times the resolution of today’s high definition standard

Our 4K UHD evaluation projector uses TI’s DLP660TE chipset with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. That’s over 8 million pixels, four times the resolution of today’s high definition standard. And with brightness measuring over 2100 lumens, it will supply you enough power for large screen applications.


Since our projector is an evaluation system, we give you the capability to customize it’s “look” to suit your customers’ needs. Also, if you require more elaborate customization, Keynote offers individualized hardware and software services to ensure you always get the video that you want.


Please review our product specifications at this link: . If you have any questions, please submit a contact form and we will follow-up with you as soon as possible.




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