The new LRS-MCx Reference Motion System

The LRS-MCx Reference Motion system provides a leap-forward for tool makers to create high-throughput production design. By combining multiple projectors or photo-heads on a scrolling motion system, users can quickly create a scalable system architecture saving valuable engineering effort. It allows users to install up four LRS-MCx photo-heads in a linear motion system. Control and synchronization by VISITECH’s LAMA software is included. The flexibility of the architecture is impressive, allowing both bottom-up and top-down exposure methods. Not only that, but support exists for UV-Stereolithography (LRS-MCx-HY) or Power Bed Fusion NIR (LRS-MCx-WX-NIR ) Powder Bed Fusion systems.

LRS-MCx Reference Motion Stage

Supporting a pixel pitch range of 50 micron up to 187 microns, impressive build sizes of up to  0.3 square meters (the equivalent to 100 million pixels) are possible. The LAMA software controls the synchronization of motion with image content and data input.